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   BYTECH Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Tianzixing Industrial Park of Zhongshan Torch Development Zone, Guangdong – the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta. The park is a place in Zhongshan city where high-tech talents gather after studying abroad and is an important base for high-end technology project integration and innovation.

  In the new round of industrial revolution, LED lamps as solid-state lighting products to replace the existing gas lighting products is a general trend, and the substitution process is in full swing, but generally speaking, this alternative process is just beginning, the use of century family still widely used incandescent, LED lamps universal access will take time, but there are still many negative factors, such as heat, light effects and other technical problems, cost price, use habit of users, and so on. LED lighting manufacturers granted should strive to solve the above problems, we must also pay attention to anothe

  We launched China’s first full inorganic packaging UV luminous diode and its core application modules including UV ink curing, UV adhesive bonding, UV exposure, UV nail, UV air purification and UV water disinfection, with CMH (ceramics, metal and hard glass) as the technology platform....。



BYTECH Electronics Co., Ltd.

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